Why Kings Pride

Kings Pride is the ideal choice of grass for your home lawn. It’s hard wearing, looks sensational and requires less maintenance than many other soft leaf buffalo grasses on the market today. Being a variety of soft leaf buffalo grass it is non evasive to garden beds and maintains its winter colour better than many of the leading buffalo grasses on the market today.

Kings Pride produces less thatch meaning that it is easier to mow and can be mowed at lower heights compared to other varieties of soft leaf buffalo. Put simply, Kings Pride is a standout when it comes to soft leaf buffalo grasses.

Making Your Choice

So important, so personal, so permanent

You need advice which is factual, independent and based on data not opinion and produced by experts. Advice you can TRUST. The Department of Primary Industries QLD and Horticulture Australia Ltd tested 19 buffalo varieties at sites spread over Australia in a National Trial. They identified a small group of superior varieties.

The Best

They did not see any one variety as so outstanding that it dominated the National Trials. However when you carefully analyse the data, there is one grass that consistently has the highest individual score in most categories at most sites.

Summary of Characteristics for Kings Pride when Compared with Other Buffalos

Soft Leaf

The old common varieties of buffalo were a problem inducing welts on people with sensitive skin especially children. All the varieties sold today don’t do this and are described as ‘soft leaf’. However, some are softer than others.

Winter Growth and Colour

Kings Pride is notably better in cool months than any other buffalo and the least decline in colour of all buffalos trialled. When heavy frosts hit Kings Pride stands out for retained colour. In Spring Kings Pride is the first to green up and does not require the high nitrogen levels other buffalos need to stimulate quick growth.

Shade Performance Quality

Kings Pride was the top performer in 70% of the Trial sites.


Kings Pride can be mown more tightly than other buffalo at the heights usually reserved for couch. This is because of its strong lateral growth. Other buffalo grasses will scalp at these heights and will be very slow to recover. If scalping does happen Kings Pride recovers very quickly.

Seed Head Production

Compared with other buffalos the seed head production is in the low medium range and occurs at two well defined times – late Spring/early Summer and late Summer/early Autumn. Other buffaloes in the group have high to very high seed head production and some are continuous producers having unsightly seed heads all year.

Wear and Recovery from Wear

While King’s Pride came second in this category the difference was marginal. The No 1 grass carried the highest level of thatch which took longer to wear off. Kings Pride was 13% quicker to recover than the No 1 variety making it over all the better grass to manage.


Kings Pride unlike some varieties of USA origin is not susceptible to Gray Leaf Spot.

Water Use

The Trial’s tested the grasses by restricting normal water requirements to 50% + 33% applied water. Kings Pride showed the least difference in growth whatever the level of restriction in the first year. In the second year Kings Pride used 7% less water than in the first year and at 50% reduction showed remarkable growth. Kings Pride had the deepest root system of all varieties tested.


Kings Pride had consistently the lowest thatch across all sites. Most other varieties developed their greatest thatch in the shade.

Weed Control

Most buffalos because of their density out compete weeds. However clover and some other broadleaf weeds do sometimes present problems. Kings Pride shares with other varieties in its genetic group a tolerance to Dicamba which is missing most notably in varieties of USA origin. Dicamba is needed to control clovers and weeds with tap roots. It is contained in products such as Kleen Lawn which can be safely used on Kings Pride at label rates.

Some Common Misleading Information about Buffalos

Drought Resistance

In absolute terms no buffalo has drought resistance because it does not have rhizomes. Only grasses with Rhizomes have true drought resistance. However in terms of survival during water stress, Kings Pride is exceptional.


The standard test for softness is whether the grass leaves welts on people’s skin after contact. Don’t be fooled by images that show skin cells like sharks teeth down the sides of the leaf. It is the cells on the leaf surface that cause the irritation.


There are many set up photos to show off winter colour. The best way to see it in its true context is to look at established lawns in your area of various buffalo types. This will give you the best guide.