About Us

Kings Pride Buffalo is now owned and operated by the Australian turfgrower-owned Greenspace Turf Co-operative Limited.

A number of the co-op’s members have been Kings Pride Buffalo growers for 10-years or more and were keen to take on and help advance the variety and brand when the opportunity came about in 2018.

Kings Pride was developed by John Gardener who was for over 30 years the proprietor of Richmond Turf at Richmond NSW, and from which he retired in 2006.

As an operational farmer, John had developed many skills, among them recognising a superior plant when he saw one.

In 2002 John recognised in a soft leaf buffalo from his farm a unique shade tolerance quality, which after much trial work he took through the Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) process successfully in 2007 as the variety Kings Pride.

The Greenspace Turf Co-op has a network of Growers along the East Coast of Australia. With over 20 turf producers now growing and supplying Kings Pride from the Northern Territory and Queensland through NSW, Victoria and South Australia, the variety has demonstrated how hardy and extremely tolerant it is to a wide range of harsh Australian conditions.

Most of these Turf Producers have in recent times grown and supplied other soft leaf buffalo varieties, yet the majority overwhelmingly recommend and stand by the benefits and unique characteristics provided by Kings Pride.