Warm season grasses like Kings Pride Buffalo grass go to seed when they are under stress. They develop seeds along either side and at the top of the grass blade.  There is no real need to panic if your lawn goes to seed, except that it looks a bit strange, but there may be underlying issues as to why it has gone to seed.

Grass going to seed may be in response to a sudden change, such as drought conditions or a lot of rain. If your lawn is seeding during these changes there is nothing to worry about. But if your lawn is seeding when there hasn’t been unexpected change, or it continues to seed after these changes then the problem may be in the maintenance or your lawn or in the soil.

Typically, Kings Pride Buffalo will either be lacking water or nutrients if it’s suddenly going to seed. One way of helping to combat the issue is to give your lawn a deep watering. This will ensure that your lawn is able to soak up as much water without it evaporating too quickly.

To fix nutrient issues in the soil, you should try fertilising or topdressing so that nutrients are restored.

The simplest way to get rid of them is to mow them off however don’t be surprised if they quickly grow back. If the lawn is simply seasonally flowering then they will go away by themselves within a short amount of time.

If the lawn is producing seeds as a stress response, it will most likely do it for an extended time. In this case you’d best put some time into discovering what the issue is. Sometimes it can be as simple as applying a heavy dose of fertiliser. If you find that your lawn is producing excessive seed heads for extended periods and you can’t figure out why, cut a core sample out from your lawn and bring it in to one of our growers so that they can have a look.

Chances are it will be straight forward to solve.