There’s only a few days until Spring! (Woohhooo) and it seems strange but it’s time to start getting your lawns ready for Summer

To keep your lawns in tip top condition, your lawn preparation should really be planned approximately two seasons ahead. If you do this, it helps to eliminate issues with your lawn down the track.

So, let’s have a look at some of the things we can be starting to do now, to have our lawns ready for Spring and Summer.

Equipment Maintenance

If you haven’t had your mowers and whipper snippers serviced and ready for the busy months ahead of mowing and lawn care, then this is the time for you to get the mower out and give it a start, if it doesn’t start you’re probably best to get it down to the repair shop now before the influx during spring.

Spring often sees the repair shops with a backlog of mowers that could have been maintained in the quieter months, if your mower needs a service you might just be able to get it in and back before your first spring mow.

Treat the weeds and fix the Disease

Amidst the change of seasons, can see new weeds and disease start to develop.

These need to be treated before Spring arrives, to ensure that your lawn is strong, healthy and ready to grow again.

If you keep on top of this and eliminate weeds that can be stealing nutrients from your grass, you will have a much healthier lawn come Spring, which will also be able to handle the heat better come Summer.


Lack of rain, compacted soil and harsh conditions call for the area to be aerated.

This can be done by using a pitch fork or even hiring a machine specific for lawn aeration.

By doing this you will allow water and nutrients into the root zone, establishing a healthier and more water absorbing lawn.


Your lawn will be hungry after dormancy so it’s time to fertilise!

Use a granular fertiliser to get nutrients into the base of the plant. For a handy blog on NPK fertilisers go here

Make sure you use a fertiliser that has the correct balance of nutrients, Scotts, Amgrow, Hortico, Yates and Munns all have top quality fertilisers suitable for Kings Pride Buffalo lawn.

Top Dress

If your lawn is lacking soil volume and has a few divots, you can apply a light layer of top dress for a handy blog on top dressing go here  remember never cover more than a third of the leaf.

But, don’t do this until the lawn is back to full growth / its normal mowing cycle. This step should be more so done in late Spring.

Light mows

So, your mower is serviced and washed and ready to go BUT this ISN’T the time to be doing an intense mow. Right now your mow should only take a fine tip off the top of the leaf, which is just enough to encourage growth.

Give it a few more weeks before you do a more intense mow.