Proper lawn mowing heights are important for all lawn types, especially for Kings Pride Buffalo.  Mowing heights can mean big differences in lawn health.

A Kings Pride lawn which is regularly cut too short will result in a stressed lawn and increased water usage.

If it is maintained too high, then growth rates and thatch can increase more rapidly.

At all times, we are trying to find just the right balance for your Kings Pride Buffalo lawn.

Photosynthesis & Mowing Heights

Photosynthesis is the process which plants and lawns use to power their growth and food conversion from nutrients into carbohydrate foods.

The longer the leaf of a lawn, or the higher it is mowed at will directly impact on how fast or how slow the lawn grows. Longer leaf means a faster growing and repairing lawn, and shorter leaf means a slower growing and repairing lawn.

Many problems which occur in all Buffalo lawns are often due to the lawn being mowed to low. Buffalo lawns like Kings Pride like to have a longer leaf.

30 to 60 millimetres is a great mowing height for Kings Pride grass, mowing lower than this may result in an ongoing unhealthy lawn.

Shade and Mowing Heights

If you chose a Kings Pride Buffalo lawn for it’s shade tolerance and the lawn is planted in an area of high shade, then the mowing height will need to be raised in the shaded part of the yard. This allows the longer leaf blade to trap more sunlight in order to conduct enough photosynthesis for it’s survival.

Seasonal Mowing Heights

In order to maintain a healthier Kings Pride Buffalo lawn in winter it will be necessary to raise mowing heights prior to and during the winter. This allows greater photosynthesis and food supply under the low light conditions of winter.