A native of Europe but now firmly established in Australia. Chickweed is a delicate annual weed with angular stems. The stem is noticeable as it has a single line of hairs down one side and the flowers are white with five petals which are deeply bisected and surrounded by longer hairy sepals.

When does Chickweed occur?

The small, white, star-like flowers may be seen at all times of the year. Unfortunately it seeds throughout the year and is difficult to control because of its impressive seed setting. It takes hold in all soil types, especially newly layed turf. Germination can occur at any time of year but autumn and spring generally see outbreaks.

What damage does Chickweed have?

The seed can stick around for a number of years, making it difficult to eradicate completely. The coverage can be dense and mat-like and is hard to remove. It can suffocate a thin coverage of turf and easily take hold. However if you use a selective Herbicide like Spearhead, or Amgrow’s Multiweed All Purpose Lawn Weeder available from most hardware stores you’ll be rid of the weed in no time.