A few key things attended to now can improve your lawn’s appearance through winter

  • Don’t attempt too many drastic actions
  • Don’t topdress at this time of the year.
  • A last fertilise for the season can work wonders

Winter Dormancy

During cooler seasons, lawns will generally be at their most vulnerable and unable to repair or maintain good health as well as they can in warmer seasons. Most Australian lawns are what are known as warm-season grasses. Kikuyu, Couch, Zoysia and Soft Leaf Buffalo lawns like Kings Pride are the most common types and fit into this category.

As the name ‘warm-season’ suggests; that’s the time when these grasses are actively growing and during the cooler months they slow down and can go dormant; shutting down and discolouring over winter. This is a protection method that lawn grasses use to withstand cooler temperatures.

There are a few tips that you should be doing right now.

  • Increase your mower height
  • Trim your trees and bushes
  • Address any weed issues

As the weather starts to cool down, so does lawn care with the grass not growing as vigorously as it did a few weeks ago in most cases. As daylight hours decrease increasing mower heights and leaving more leaf,  helps to increase the food supply to the grass.

Pruning is a great way to plan ahead for winter conditions, as overgrown trees and bushes may increase their shade levels, and by the time we notice that our lawn has started dying in certain areas, it can be too late to repair the damage.

Use this period as an opportunity to fertilise your lawn, and go for an all-round or pre-winter fertiliser that contains higher levels of iron, which is essential for good lawn health throughout these cooler conditions and also gives a quick colour boost to your lawn.

It is important to address any weed issues before winter, as conditions for their survival improve, while at the same time the lawn’s ability to fight against them decreases.