Winter Grass can be an unsightly weed in Buffalo grass. Once it appears chances are you are in for a battle throughout the cooler months unless you take action.

Winter Grass is a seeding grass that grows in tufts and is prevalent in many lawns. If you notice Winter Grass, you will definitely want to treat it before it germinates. If you allow it to drop its seeds, next winter it will be back, three times as bad as it was the previous year. A good plan of attack is to treat it as soon as it appears before it goes to seed, with Winter Grass Killer post emergent herbicide. Selective Winter Grass Killer is suitable on Kings Pride Buffalo.

Winter Grass will begin germinating underground in May, and will start emerging from the soil and in your lawns in late April, through May and June. It will continue to germinate, multiple, grow, start clumping, and spread as the winter months continue into July.

By September it is in full growth, easily outgrowing a Buffalo lawn and sits above it in glumpy contrast to the lawn around it. This is also the time that Winter Grass will begin going into full seed, making the weed even uglier.

This same seeding will be planting-out thousands of new Winter Grass seeds into your turf for emergence the following year.

Any Winter Grass in your Kings Pride Buffalo lawn must be treated as soon as possible. However, not all chemicals are suitable for Buffalo lawn and care needs to be taken when selecting a product to use.

If the herbicide used is NOT suitable for Buffalo then you can damage or kill your Buffalo grass by mistake. Check before buying that the herbicide is marked as either Safe, or Not To Be Used on Buffalo lawns.

It’s not all doom and gloom though….

Winter Grass is actually a very easy weed to kill, but only if it’s done at the right time.

Winter Grass Weed Killer is diluted with water in a watering can or spraying bottle as per manufacturer’s guidelines, and applied to the entire lawn, not just to the area which appears most affected.

Be sure to measure the size of your lawn before treatment to ensure the correct dosage is applied.

Once the Winter Grass Killer is applied to the turf, lightly water your lawn which help filtrate the poison down to the roots of the Winter Grass where it does its work.

You should see the Winter Grass die off within 2 weeks. However most applications generally recommend that you reapply the herbicide again after two weeks to guarantee eradication.