Key points:

  • New turf varieties are helping to minimise lawn inputs and maintenance requirements
  • A little lawn care often will help keep your lawn in good condition
  • Choose a lawn type that’s appropriate for your area – talk to a Kings Pride Turf grower

Different lawn types require different maintenance – depending mainly on local conditions

Lawn type can be a critical choice, depending in the main where you are located.

There are a multitude of turf varieties on the market, ranging in price and of course performance. So how do you go about deciding which turf-type will best suit your lawn.

Most home-owners are looking for low-maintenance and low-mow lawns. That can come with a significant trade-off with performance however, as they often don’t fare-well in our modern urban settings with high wear and high shade often an issue these days.

For the most part, homeowners are looking for a lawn that requires minimal watering and fertilising, and of course mowing.

Kings Pride Buffalo is often touted by homeowners, landscape professionals and turf gtrowers alike as one of the best all-round lawn types that offers the best of both worlds.

It has excellent shade, drought and wear tolerance, yet isn’t quite as vigorous as other varieties that can take over your gardens or get patchy due to wear or shade.

When considering a new lawn type it’s important to be aware of these things and a reliable local source like your closest Kings Pride turfgrower can help in offering the right advice.

For a quick comparison of common turf-types and their up-keep requirements, the following summary may help:

  • Zoysia varieties can be very low maintenance. This is due to very slow growth patterns with types of zoysiagrasses growing around half as slow as couches and kikuyu. Although this slow growth pattern is detrimental to their wear tolerance, it greatly reduces maintenance. Zoysia’s can also require minimal water and have lower fertiliser requirements.
  • Buffalo’s, similar to zoysia’s, are also very low maintenance turf varieties. They require less mowing than kikuyu and couch grasses, and can also require slightly less fertiliser to keep them looking good. Premium types like Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo have extremely high shade tolerance, great colour and a soft leaf making it a perfect choice for the majority of modern landscaping situations.
  • Kikuyu is a dense, fast-growing lawn-type with a vigorous growth-habit that allows it to repair very quickly if damaged. It is able to establish a strong and deep rhizome and root base to help it stand up to extended dry periods. Kikuyu performs well in full sun, but doesn’t handle shade all that well and requires more mowing and upkeep than most types due to its quicker growth.
  • Couch grasses, similar to kikuyu has a very strong growth habits and usually requires more mowing and maintenance than other varieties. Couches have a shorter and finer leaf than most turf-types and can look terrific in the right situation. Couches tend to be more susceptible to disease and weed infestation or growing into garden beds when not controlled regularly.
  • Fescue lawns are seeded lawns predominantly used in cooler climate areas. They can be very high in maintenance and even though they do not require a lot of mowing, the water requirements can be excessive compared to other varieties. Fescue also is considerably more prone to grub and fungal issues and will require more nutrients than other varieties.

For further information and to get some local knowledge on what type of grass would suit your circumstances, talk to one of our Kings Pride Turf Growers in a location near you – details on grower section on this site.