A safe and beautiful back yard is something most homeowners aspire to creating for their family; somewhere to relax, play with kids and pets and to entertain with family and friends.

With backyards becoming smaller and smaller over the years due to pricing and development pressures, quite often the type of surface coverings to use increasingly comes into question.

The main use for an area should be the deciding factor for a surface-type, but comparing the upfront – and ongoing maintenance costs should be something well-worth considering.

Most established suburbs still boast backyard sizes well over the 150 square metre mark with newer developed areas feeling the pinch with sizes falling closer to the 80-100 square metres.

Back yards and garden are considered important for a number of reasons . . . so important that the Victorian governemt has regulated the size of a backyard be no smaller than 25% of the lot size.

A beautiful green lawn is so desirable that many people assume it is more expensive than other groundcover materials, so it can come as a surprise that the cost of turf is far less in comparison.

Figures based on data from Turf Australia and the Landscape Contractors Association of NSW & ACT and provide an estimate of domestic-type works and include all costs for site and surface preparation as well as underlay, supply and installation.

  • The average cost of turf per square metre is $28.48, which is around a quarter the cost of the next-cheapest alternative, concrete.
  • The preceding table shows the median costs per square metre of various groundcovers with turf great value compared to other coverings.

If you are considering laying turf in your garden, it’s important to research turf prices and get a feel for the cost. Kings Pride Turf Growers generally offer a range of options for your outdoor area and sell natural turf at a price much lower than other surface covering types.

For further information talk to one of our Kings Pride Turf Growers in a location near you – details on grower section on this site.