Key points:

  • New turf installations often look terrific but diminish over time
  • A little lawn care often can help keep your lawn in good condition
  • Choose a lawn type that’s appropriate for your area – talk to a Kings Pride Turf grower

New lawns can deteriorate over time and some simple maintenance can bring it back to peak condition.

You will often see it in a park or football field where the larger open expanse areas look to be in excellent condition, yet areas close to the kerb, around the trees, together with pathways or goalmouths and centres are in disrepair.

This is a common scenario in sports turf and landscape situations and the same conditions can also affect home lawns.

Over time your soil under your lawn areas will start to settle, the trees around your yard will grow, and with ongoing use your lawn’s appearance will start to deteriorate.

If it’s only a few bare areas then there’s the possibility of a quick-fix with a few square metres of turf.

You can square up a few square areas and then patch with some turf from your local turf grower or nursery supplier and quickly bring these areas up to scratch.

It may be worth you while talking to your turf grower or nursery to determine the turf type you currently have growing in your yard and try to match the variety with the newly installed turf.

Well-worn paths through a lawn or along path edges are a tell-tale sign of compaction and some work with a garden fork to break up the underlying soil with a light sandy-loam top-dress can help invigorate these areas with most grass-types quickly regenerating over the growing season.

In the majority of cases, many home lawns are under-fertilised and can appear to be poor in their colour or showing signs of stress with significant seed-head or stunted growth.

Simple and regular maintenance is the best option in the majority of cases and can quickly return the appearance of your lawn to its former glory.

Spring Tips

At this time of the year you can mow your warm-season grass quite hard. Kikuyu, Couch, Zoysia or Buffalo lawns all respond well to dethatching at this time of year and a simple method is to mow quite hard to take out a lot of the thatch material.

Depending on your thatch level it may be the case that you need to mow it lower over a few goes to bring the thatch level down to a point where there is no ‘sponginess’ when you walk on it.

Topdressing with a sandy-loam or river sand can also achieve a similar result by filling up some of the air space in the thatch, however can lift your lawn height somewhat over time.

Aeration, as above with a garden fork or for larger areas a commercial aerator from a hire centre can achieve some great results at this time of the year in opening up some air space into your soil. Topdress with a sandy-loam or riversand and include some organic fertiliser – fwol manure and the like and water-in for almost instant results.

Any weedy areas will likely become over-run with new grass growth once you’ve carried out the above remediation works and over spring and summer it’s generally easier to hand-weed than to apply any chemical control.

All-in-all spring and summer is the best time to get your lawn in top shape with the most favourable growing conditions and if you’re unsure of the best way to approach your lawncare feel free to contact a reputable Kings Pride Turf Grower.

For further information and to get some local knowledge on what type of turf would best suit your circumstances, talk to one of our Kings Pride Turf Growers in a location near you – details on grower section on this site.